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Doodle on Seed Paper

By Fragile Soul

You are my doodle Tag your love one to make them feel good !!!!!!!! *****A collaboration with seed Paper India***** I used this marigold glossy sheet to scribble doodles. It is an amazing paper to use for various purposes. You can use these sheets as per your requirement. You can use them for scribbling drawings, invitations, cards , and even to write your good thoughts. And as these papers are biodegradable after certain time you can even grow plants out of them. .... They are just amazing and unique . So be a part of a change . A idea which was unknown till yet. I salute @seedpaperindia for such a thoughtful idea. And now What is Seed Paper? Bio-degradable Paper that has seeds artfully embedded in them. Once you are done using the paper plant it in a pot to witness beautiful creations of nature come to fruition. It could grow into plants, vegetables or flowers. Usage: The usage is only constrained by your imagination! This encourages you to use seed papers to craft price tags, wedding invites, postcards, seasonal cards instead of normal paper. This could be your way of giving back to the nature. #collaboration #seedpaperindia #goodvibes #quote #doodle #drawing #blackwhite#goodquotes #goodthoughts #vibes #creations #unique #follow #like #love #like4like#comment #tag #share Warm Regards, Seed Paper Team Mob - +91 9844297113 / 9535867009 | Facebook I Instagram

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