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Eco Friendly Seed Patakas

Eco Friendly Seed Patakas

This Diwali as firecrackers leave the city hazy, noisy and littered with waste. *SEED PAPER INDIA* 🇮🇳 (featured in Forbes India 19’ and Times Network), a Bangalore Based Company has innovated the best way to celebrate Diwali is to go firecracker-free. 

For  many of us Diwali is synonymous with bursting crackers and it’s kind of hard to give up on the fun, but there are enough reasons why we shouldn’t be hanging on to crackers. The pollutants associated with firecrackers make it difficult to breathe and are linked to many respiratory problems as well. The loud noises and blinding flashes also give severe anxiety attacks to animals and birds.

For the First time ever, *Roshan Ray, Founder of SEED PAPER INDIA* has innovated a Unique Product this year’s Diwali which is smokeless, noiseless and safe experience for all!

*Not only that, the products continue to Grow after the Festival!! Instead of Bursting your Patakas , you can grow them and Eat them too!!*

Its the time of the year were we  celebrate Diwali responsibly and with minimal environmental consequences.

This Unique Special Box Contains the Following Fun Products

1.Tulsi Seed Pataka aka Bigili Seed Bomb-3 Nos

2.Tomato Seed Bomb aka Hydrogen Bomb-1 Nos

3. Tulsi Seed Bomb aka Hydrogen Bomb-1 Nos

4.Rocket Pataka aka RAJA Rocket -1 Nos

5.Seed Round aka Chakara-1 Nos

5.Diwali Greetings Cards-2 Nos

6.Jute Bag-1 No

7.Ccocpeat-1 Nos

8.Instruction Cards


Why Seed Paper India?
Seed Paper India is so much more than just creating green products.
It's about changing the ecosystem, embracing a culture of change and breaking down traditional ideologies or systems that allow for environmental degradation.
They genuinely care about giving back to the environment, they care about people in need and they care about being a voice that ultimately creates a better world.

Contact 9535867009/6364699837

Kindly forward and Share to make this Diwali and Noiseless and Polllution Less Diwali
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