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Seed Paper Wedding Invitations

Seed Paper Wedding Invitations



For your "perfect wedding" everything has to be perfect including your wedding invites. It’s time to shift focus from design to the substance of the card. Well, to save your day, we have the perfect recipe- Our plantable, biodegradable wedding cards.


Make your card look elegant, classy and ornate with a hint of goodness and greens present in it.

Congratulations! Your wedding just kicked off to a great start.


  • Product Information


    It can come in three different sizes

    1) 4X6 inches ( 1 card= Rs 19)

    2) 5X7 inches ( 1 card= Rs 25)

    3) 6X8 inches ( 1 card= Rs 29)


    P.S - We take a minimum of 250 cards per order



    Wedding invites come in the following variety of seeds

    •  Eucalyptus
    •  Marigold
    •  Mix Vegetables
    •  Basil

    *** The prices are applicable to the paper only. The prices will vary according to the type of seeds.

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