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What is Seed Paper?


Bio-degradable Paper that has seeds artfully embedded in them. Once you are done using the paper plant it in a pot to witness beautiful creations of nature come to fruition. It could grow into plants, vegetables or flowers.


The usage is only constrained by your imagination!
We encourage you to use seed papers to craft price tags, wedding invites, postcards, seasonal cards instead of normal paper. This could be your way of giving back to the nature, eh?


Why us?

We have always cared for sustainable living and environmental preservation. It was in the summer of 2014 when the idea of seed paper was planted in our heads (no pun intended). And voila, Seed Paper India came into existence soon after. Since then we have been serving the planet in our own small way by reducing paper wastage and growing more plants. However, to truly make a difference, we request you to come onboard and use seed paper.

Our seed papers and pencils give you the satisfaction of minimising waste and maximizing prosperity. When your paper and pencil grows don’t forget to send us a picture at and be a part of making this change happen.


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