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How to Plant the Paper


Planting seed paper is incredibly simple.

Step 1 

Soak the paper in shallow water in a tea saucer for 2 days, keeping it wet all the time. 

Step 2 

FIll good fertile soil in a Coco Pot or Clay Pot, fill it right to the top. Gently pack the soil, so it's slightly compressed, but not too hard-packed.  Place the seed paper on top, and add another thin layer of soil on top of the paper (about one-eighth of an inch).

Step 3

By now your Seed paper will start to germinate in 4-6 weeks time depending on the Seed and Climate Conditions.

Happy Planting!!

How to Sow a Seed Bomb


Method 1 (Indoors)

Take the Seed Bomb and place it in a Small Bowl of Water till the Size of the Ball,maintain the level of Water and after 2 weeks  you will see the Seed Bomb Germinating​

Method 2 (Outdoors)

Throw a bomb on land Soil which is Moist and then wait. So long as it gets some sunlight and water, it will start to germinate shortly (fully bloomed or ready to be harvested in 6 weeks). The bomb part is made of 100% Cellulose Organic Material, so it protects the seeds while keeping them moist.



1) What are the options for the plants/flowers for the seed paper?


Right now we have an option of having Mari Gold, Basil, Wild Flower, Tomato and Mix Vegetable Seed Paper. 


2) Will you handle the designing of the invitation or should I come to you with the design?


We dont do design. However on order confirmation, we do outsource our printing to an organic printer for seed paper printing.We usually recommend only Screen Printing and not Digital Printing 


3) What is the thickness of the seed paper invitation?


We usually supply with 250 GSM, There is a slight variation in the Seed Paper since all our Products are handmade 


4) Do you supply in Bulk?

Yes, given the time, we can supply in bulk.We usually take 7-10 Days to supply


5) What is the Size you suggest?

Size all this is Custom Products, we need the size from you before we Quote our Rates

6) Do you provide Envelopes?

Right now, we do not make the Envelopes, it has to be purchased separately from a different vendor

7) What would be a rough estimate of a) designing b) printing of the Cards?

Once the Seed Paper Size and Quantity is confirmed, we shall connect you with our Printer to give you a rough Estimate.We also suggest you print using only Organic Ink/ Chemical Free Ink for high germination rate

8) What about the Courier Charges/ Transportation Charges 

We supply free to our Customers in Bangalore, other than that we charge nominal transportation charges 

9)What is the Color of the Paper

We supply only natural color seed paper and seed bomb


Seed is a starting point of every idea, every growth and that is were my inspiration came from. I am an avid reader, a lone traveller, a passionate biker, photography is my hobby and fitness is a habit. I believe this idea of seed paper can tweak the system and make the world a better place for our children.

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