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Plantable Face Masks -Special


Seed Paper India has been recycling thousands of tons of waste cloth into plantable masks that grow into herbs when planted.

The Indian garment industry is significantly large – and, why not? After all, we have a brimming population of over 135 crores. Clothes are certainly a necessity but we can’t neglect the fact that the waste cloth cutting left from manufacturing garments is flooding our landfills.

 It is a major new source of pollution – with cloth scraps littering our streets, countryside, and waterways.

But the Seedling Man of India - “Roshan Ray” thinks differently. He firmly believes that anything waste has a solution. He proved this once again by launching 100% biodegradable, plantable seed masks embedded with tulsi and basil seeds.

These masks are made by using handmade paper made from waste cloth and use the coarse hand-woven Khadi thread made from jute for stitching.

How cool is that? Seed Paper India’s plantable masks can turn into herbs once planted into soil and regularly watered. Since February, Roshan – the founder of Seed Paper India has been recycling thousands of tons of potentially hazardous cloth waste into usable and plantable masks.

“I believe nothing is impossible. All it takes is high courage and a little brainstorming to do something unique with waste and renew its value”, says Roshan in his latest interview.

“What could have been better amidst these pandemic times when we all need a mask so desperately?”, he adds.

Are you wondering whether these face masks help slow the spread of the coronavirus just like a regular mask or not? Well yes - these face masks protect you the same just like any other homemade fabric mask.

Instead of using elastic cords, these masks have soft cords made of pure Khadi material. Moreover, the print is done via a special sustainable ink.


Sz- Universal Size

String-Jute Thread

Colour - Natural White

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