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launch an insanely profitable business by just making use of wastes  at home, and that too at  a nominal or zero investment

Join Seedling Man of India To Master secrets to make wealth out of Waste

Register for Rs 499 -only for first 50 students, the price will be raised to Rs 1499

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Featured in Forbes India, 2019 as the Top Sustainable Entrepreneur of India


Master the Secrets to Make Wealth out of Waste from the Seedling Man of India

After working with 1000+ Clients, I have created a system using which anyone can get their second alternate source of Income up and running every week without spending time recording videos or spending money on Tools and Platforms.


We call this System making “Wealth from Waste”

Learn this Directly from the Seedling Man of India who has been in the Eco-Friendly Business for the past 15 years and I have never Stopped Inventing Alternative Source of Income Generation


See What our students are saying about our masterclass


Kiran -Eco entrepreneur 

He was able to generate 6 times revenue of his investment and got featured for his efforts

Akshay -Ecopreneur

Pramod -Ecopreneur

What will you Learn



Session 1: Different Eco-Business you will be Exposed and shown Wealth from Waste


Session 2: In-Depth Analysis of Seed Paper Eco-Business 


Session 3: - Introduction of Alternative Source of Income, Introduction of Marketing. Workshop on Seed Balls, Grow your Greens, Cotton and Diwali Diyas  Manufacturing and Selling



By the time you’re done, you’ll have a step-by-step game plan to Attract, Deliver & Sell your Products with huge Income Generation



I will be revealing working case studies which I myself underwent to have scaled to Million Rupees with Wealth From Waste.

And, there’s no risk involved  - If you are not completely satisfied with your Online course in the time days we spend together, I will refund your money back, no questions asked.


Note:- The price of INR 499 is available only for the first 50 registrants. Then, it will be increased to INR 1990


Here’s why I am telling you all this:-


If you are like me - if you demand fast, not slow results with Online Courses - I know I can help.


Here’s how just INR 499 can get you unstuck:-


Click the button and register NOW!!


You will be presented with a link to our payment processor “Instamojo” to make your investment of INR 499


All Instructions will be in English Only


Once you make the investment, you will be joining a WhatsApp group where you can get all the details about participating in the Eco Couse on WhatsApp Class.


If you are serious about launching and scaling to Become an Eco-Entrepreneurs /Eco _Warriors, then this a Class you should not miss.

About Roshaan Ray

                 Featured in many magazines and newspapers like Forbes, Deccan chronicles, Outlook, Times of India, Yourstory, The Hindu - Roshaan Ray is running a company called -SEEDPAPERINDIA - which not only producing green products but changing Ecosystem.



                    The company has collaborated with top international brands and customised products according to their needs.

                     After going through this inspiring journey, Roshaan has decided to empower youth by teaching them how to start a sustainable business and Become an Eco Entrepreneur.

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